Istanbul-Express Live Coverage Raffles

Last year, we have started a nice tradition with Live Coverage Raffles.

It helped us to have organic reaction to the event as well people who have won free milonga passes and full passes.

With the joy and excitement, last year we have missed some points that we don’t want to miss this year.

So here are the rules of Live Coverage Raffles.


  1. Live Coverage Raffles for Full Milonga Passes will start on August 21st and will end on August 25th .

           Participants will also qualified for the Full Pass raffles on September 23rd  and 24th .

           For example,

           If a participant had participate 5 times ( 5 days in a row) to milonga pass raffles, participants will have 5 tickets to the full pass milonga

  1. Daily participation will be required to join each night raffle.
  2. The participants will have to share the event page with one of  the hashtags of #yineyeniyeniden #tandalardabulusalim #expressyourself  #istanbulexpress and make sure to tag Hasan Seremet in to post in order not to miss the participation.
  3. During the raffles, your name will be announced. If  you don’t hear your name and we have somewhat missed, we will add double participation to the next day raffle.
  4. If you haven’t participated the daily raffle and during the life coverage you insist that we forgot your name (it has happened) you will be disqualified from all the raffles of this year.
  5. If you already purchase the pass and you won the raffle, there will be no refund. However; you will either be able to give to somebody you love for this year or you can choose to have free milonga or full pass for 2018.
  6. If you are part of our event, you can still join to the raffles and you can give it to somebody you love in case you win.

The idea of this is again to have organic marketing and at the same time having fun. So that’s why; we will have an additional Full Milonga Pass to the most original, loving , fully EXPRESSED post.