Gar Music Hall started its activities in 1965 during the most wonderful days of the Istanbul Music Halls era, until 1986, it increased its well deserved fame all over Turkey thanks to its shows and singers/entertainers on its stage. 

Its concept of entertainment was changed in so as to introduce Turkish night life and entertainment to foreigners and to make contributions to Turkish tourism and for the last 25 years, it became one of the leaders and representatives in Turkish tourism sector and the unique entertainment conceptual in Turkey. 

Gar Music Hall will provide our guests an unforgettable Istanbul night at its venue at Yenikapı which is among the historic and authentic places in Istanbul on all days of the week with its selected dishes from Turkish cuisine as well as Turkish music tunes, international shows at its exclusive environment filled with Turkish hospitality and the diverse acts from Anatolian folklore, moreover the magical figures of oriental dancing.